Welcome to Bootsa Enterprises

Bootsa is a food production and distribution company.  We currently produce Soy foods and deliver agricultural materials to our numerous business and general customers.

In the realm of “foods and beverages” BOOTSA wants to be at the forefront. If it is a term you have never heard, it is a product you have surely seen.

Do you know your farmer? Do you know your food? For many consumers, the answers to these questions will be “No.” By educating consumers about the benefits of our products, BOOTSA ENTERPRISES will help the public make educated decisions and keeping agriculture a relevant part of their daily lives.

We farm, produce and distribute agricultural materials.  Our Soy foods products are fast becoming household items, where every home in Nigeria and also Africa can benefit.

Agricultural Produce Export


Cashew Nuts

We offer the finest quality of dried cashew nuts. With sprawling yards for sun drying of Raw Cashew Nuts, and adequate warehousing facility; readmore

Medium close up image of David Kebu Jnr holding cocoa beans drying in the sun.

Cocoa Beans

Ever since our inception, we are serving the needs of our clients with a foremost collection of  Cocoa Beans. Readmore

dried hibiscus

Habiscus Flower leaves

We assemble and manage the best breed of agricultural produce in order to provide effective service for our customers.Readmore

Integrated Farming

Products ranging from Maize, Cassava, Yam, livestock, Feed mills and lot more . Our products are available in different grades and meet the diverse home & industrial norms of quality.


Poultry Farm


Pig Farm

Soya flour

Bootsa Soya Flour


Fish Pond